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'lo all.
For my band, I produce the (mostly) quarterly newsletter.
I was wondering how many other bands produce a newsletter? And if yes, what do you like to put in it?
I say 'mostly' quarterly becuase, as well as dealing with college, I just dont get enough input from the band members... I need some method of persuasion I think...
For the new newsletter, i've been scouring the web for any humourous subjects regarding banding, and i've managed to pull off quite a bit :D
I'm also starting to get despirate for things for this newsletter too; i've even inserted pictures of the hotel and pool that we're staying at for the band trip to Guernsey...


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I did a newsletter for a few years. Here is what I put in:

- birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings
- anyone pass any exams (musical or otherwise)
- forthcoming concerts (in or out of area)
- a write up of the bands last contest/concert
- musical crosswords
- musical word search
- rehearsal schedule
- list of band engagements
- local band association news
- national association news
- news from the world of brass (not just brass banding)
- music cartoons
- adjudicators remarks from the last contest
- contest results (not just those taken part in)
- welcoming new members to the band
- saying goodbye to departing players
- a suggestion page - where members of the band can contribute (anonymously if requested)
- items for sale
- items needed

Just a few ideas. Hope this helps. Good luck.


Thanks :D
I've done quiet a number of those things recently, where available. But theres a number of ideas in there i could use.
Taa ;)

Dave Euph

Our conductor tends to write ours, it usually involves something like this:

Hello and welcome to the new year!!!!!!!
<insert random slightly funny joke>
Can you remember the next contest???
<some random band member names>? Anyone?
Only 3 rehearsals to go!!??

Then maybe something else ...

They're quite fun to read actally, almost as if he intended to make it look very amateur-like ... but for his benefit since he's a TMP member, you do the job well mate! :D

Okiedokie of Oz

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Try to keep a calander of events, even if it is full of tentative dates. some people need as much warning as possible to ensure they can adjust their life schedules!!


Thank you all :) i'm just sat here watching it printing out now.
I'd like to take it on the web, but each page is about... so many K, and i dont have enough space on my web accounts.
Ah, i love this printer... it brings out the best quality in these pictures. i've found that printing them in best, and on special, slightly glossy paper, brings out the better quality when they're photocopied for the members.

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