Sold/Expired Band Keyboarders: KORG KARMA EDITPro Version 1.0 released


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as the headlines indicates, this is good news for keyboarders playing in bands who use the Korg KARMA Music-Workstation. I started to use the program myself, and can highly recommend it, after 2,5 years finally someone managed to create a fullblown editor/librarian for the KARMA:

Here the info:

Windsor, Canada-ON, Soundtower, well known for their rock solid and innovative Editor and Librarian Software, today announced the official Release of KARMA-EDITPro for the KORG-KARMA Workstation.

In the year of their 10th anniversary, SOUNDTOWER is proud to have build another friendly and easy to use Editing Software for one of the most sophisticated Music Workstations on the market today.

Managing Director Mark Lanos says: “The Korg-KARMA Musicworkstation was introduced to rave reviews at both the January 2001 NAMM Show and the 2001 Frankfurt Musik Messe. Today, this amazing instrument, with it’s Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture, developed by Stephen Kay at the KARMA-LAB still is probably the most sophisticated Music Workstation on the market.

Our goal was, in tradition with our other products, to create a functional and easy to use Editor and Librarian for this truly amazing Instrument. In addition, some of our own innovations with reference to sound design found their place in the current Version. For example, we now have this mindblowing GENETICS feature, which allows the user to easily mix, morph and mutate two programs (Timbres) together and create totally new and never heard before Programs, this has to be heard to be believed!

KARMA-EDITPro is a realtime editor, it gets automatically updated when you change parameter values physically on Karma. While you turn value wheel on your keyboard - Karma-EditPro's sliders and other controls are also moving along.

The complete set of On-Fly Librarianfunctions, full PCG Implementation, Patch Script generators for Cubase SX, Cakewalk Sonar Instrument definition Files, Drag Envelopes, drag and drop files, programs and combinations, and many more functions are a matter of course. KARMA-EDITPro works also flawless in multiscreen setups, something that we see more and more at any level of studio environments.

We received very positive Feedback from our customers already, and as usual, we continue to provide a free update service for our registered customer base globally.

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KARMA-EDITPro can be purchased online for $49,95 USD at Soundtowers homepage.

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