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Our insurance is up for renewal in a couple of weeks.... any good band insurance people that any of you deal with? To cover the usual 'band' things :)

Chris Helme

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Having been a Policeman for 30 years , now retired and been a Crime Prevention Officer for the last 11 years of my service I was often asked about insurance - sadly when I was asked this question it meant did I know any where I could recommend any where for cheap insurance - not my problem was my reply but how secure are your premises I would ask. Please remember the realistic replacement value of your band room contents - how much do you value them -v- cheap insurance. Look at your security - what improvements can you make (you could be forced to up grade your security by your insurance and that could be very expensive and what happens if you don't, you could be refused insurance and then where are you and no you cannot flit from one firm to another because they do talk to each other and you might then find you have no insurance and then where are you) - yes I know the old arguement that if someone is determined to get in they will but remember a significant proportion of burglaries and thefts are preventable - begin now and reduce the opportunities...once you have done that your insurance costs may be reduced because you have made changes and improved your security. A few years ago I submitted an article to the B/Bandsman on this subject which brought a lot of interest and requests for advice. Do a security survey and audit of your bandroom now you might be surprised just how vulnerable and laxed you are about this subject.

Chris Helme

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