Band in the Edinburgh area needed.


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We have a young horn player going to Edinburgh University and she is looking for a band.

She is a member of our community band but would have been moving up to the main band if she had not been moving to Uni.

Very useful player to a lower section band.

Anyone interested?


I know Alloa isn't that close to Edinburgh, but if she could get to Dunfermline she can get a lift from there. We would definatly welcome her, the more the merrier!!


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She is straight out of school and obviously knows nothing about Edinburgh yet and has no transport.

Would be better if she met someone who knows their way about or even someone else who would going to band she could meet up with.

Hope you are keeping well.
I am on holiday and willing to help out anytime again........was good fun. Could even take her down with me to meet you lot.

Ta will let her know about your interest though. :wink:


Hey there Moy, hope all is well! I'm back and forward from edinburgh all the time cause of uni and work! As you will know I play for tullis russell mills band! She would be very welcome and the train station is right at the door step of the band hall so no problems there! Email me or give me a quick buzz if you'd like to get something arranged! My number is 07970963819, or speak to Dave (I think you know him)

Anyways good luck and hopefully we'll hear from you soon

Alan Douglas
Tullis Russell Mills Band 2004


I am posting this for information in case anyone else does a search for this sort of information and finds this thread:

There are no brass bands in Edinburgh that I am aware of.
(correct me if I am wrong)
Closest will be Bathgate or Penicuik, both a train or bus ride away.

Quite a few orchestras in Edinburgh, also a good wind band (Edinburgh Concert Band) but neither of these would need an Eb horn.
Dare I be sacreligious and suggest a change of instrument?
If she played trombone or trumpet there are plenty of vacancies in Edinburgh at the moment.
At least that way she would have an incentive to keep playing even if that was not her type of music.


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Actually, closest by my reckoning would be Dalkeith with Newtongrange or possibly Queensferry High a close second. With easy rail links to/from Edinburgh virtually all Fife and West Lothian bands are within easy reach, although I do realise that a student may find the rail fare a bit steep.


Yes, I had forgotten about Dalkeith.

Transport being what it is in Edinburgh it would depend where in the city someone was as to which would be the shortest travelling time.
I also forgot Livingston which is exactly 20 miles from the Playhouse by road and closer than Bathgate.

You also have to factor in that some bands may be able to offer lifts from Edinburgh as there are a few people from the city travelling to bands.


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I am currently studying at Edinburgh Uni, play in their wind band, but also play sop with Dunfermline Town Band.

We have a couple of players who travel to rehersals from the Edinburgh area.

They are more than happy to take fellow brass players (me included) over for rehersals whenever possible.

Public transpost to Fife is available, but is alot of hassle if you dont happen to live near Waverley of Haymarket stations.
Shotts Band are currently seeking Horn players, got a few vacancies. The band is just about 15 mins by Edinburgh and they have players travelling from the city so Transport would not be a problem!

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