"Band Bashing"

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Jack E

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Having joined more voluntary groups / organisations than I can possibly remember since I joined the Scouts (in 1958!), I'd have thought most of us can get a fair feel pretty quickly as to what a band is like - certainly in the space of a few rehearsals. Granted, I have fallen foul of some very devious characters who enjoy playing mind games with other people, whilst seeming to be very friendly and open - but sooner or later their guard slips, and you see them for what they are. Fortunately, in my experience they are pretty rare (or do they just decide that I'm too cantankerous to tangle with, and avoid me?).
My rule of thumb is, if I don't enjoy doing some activity, or enjoy being in a certain group of people, why bother, when there are so many alternatives to choose from?
But I'm clear that it's a purely personal choice, and other people may see the same activity or group in a completely different light - and why shouldn't they? They have just as much right as me to their personal choices!

Pauli Walnuts

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I am temporarily closing this thread to new posts. When conversations are happening from the same IP address, it suggests that some of the accounts may be the same person with multiple identities.
I will happily reopen this upon receipt of proof that this is not the case here.


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