Badgers - only really works if you have sound!


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This link is classic! Should be put in a hall of Fame somewhere, even if it is weird it's very catchy. Agreed, bring on a brass band arrangment! :lol:


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I think it's been mentioned before though, and it was just as catchy then!

was that atomic kittens one on here too?

The Cornet King

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lol That was Fab. Had me in stitches for a few good seconds anyway! :D

Bring on the Brass band arrangement. Might work better if the players were in costume?? :D

Jo Elson

excellant. I find badger one of those words that just makes me laugh when anyone says it anyway. I went on it in college and I wasn't expecting the sound to work - unfortunately it did!

Had it on for two hours ---------------- will it ever stop -----------------

All I can see is badgers, pretty badger, pretty badger ------bibble dribble ---- WHERE'S MY SPAM

Please make it stop :cry: :cry:

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