Bad Habits

Just been sat here biting my nails and thought, why do i do it? i want really long nails without paying an arms and a leg every fortnight for fake ones.

Then i thought, i wonder if anyone else has any bad habits...?


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I've been a nail-biter my whole life. I wore false nails for to break the habit, and it took nearly 2 years. I haven't worn false nails or bitten my real ones for 6 months now, so it was worth all the money and time sat in the salon (although it was a pain at the time!). Now I just chew at my cuticles instead......GOOD LUCK!
i bite the crappy bits of skin around the sides of the fingernails, especially after a long soak in water, it makes it all the more easier then. its probably really bad 4u though

Jo Elson

I've never bit my nails (well I have but only when their chipped or something), an I can't actually think of a bad habit I've got at the moment although I'm sure there are plenty. I'm sure someone will point them out to me.


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