Backbeat - worth booking!


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Just a little recommendation for you:

Rothwell Temperance shared the stage with Back beat percussion ensemble at Leeds Grammar School last night and it was a great evening.

If you are looking for an act that's a little different and you are trying to introduce a band to a new audience, can I recommend Backbeat to you. The audience last night was not a traditional band following but the evening worked so well because of the contrast of both groups. Some of the things Backbeat did were amazing. At one point they used basketballs for a piece called rebound (impressive to say the least!) and then for an encore abandoned all instruments and used their own bodies instead :shock: Great entertainment and presentation.

Anyone else seen them? Band audiences will have seen them at last October and at a previous Master Gala Concert.



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ive seen them twice and performed with them once.
i saw them at the RNCM percussion day on my first year of going to it, and i saw them in october in london before the results of the finals!
they did the piece rebound or woteva its called both times! and i performed african sanctus with them when i was in the liverpool philharmonic youth choir
Good topic!

I was going to plug backbeat yesterday before the concert but never got round to it.

They are a great ensemble- Simone and Damien are from brass band backgrounds so a few people may know them.

Damien's my teacher at the moment- he wrote rebounds (for percussion and basketballs) and he's absolutely fantastic.

If you ever get the opportunity to see them, do.

their website is its well worth a look.

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