back to work/school/college/uni?


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Did everyone else struggle to get up this morning too?

after two whole weeks of lay ins i struggled to get up this morning. i got to work and there were half a dozen people who had overslept!! maybe this was because we have an unoficial flexi-time at our place, i dont know, but there were some very poor excuses!!.

antway....................over to you


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Had to work on Wednesday morning and Friday last week, so going to work won't be too bad, but Tuesday's the day the kids go back to school and they have to leave at 7.30 :shock: for the school bus. That's gonna hurt. :?


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your still speakin then, its just the christmas card list im off!!!! :wink:

I think ths was the first time ive been up befor 9o'clock, amd im noew shatered. i think i must be getting old :cry:

Naomi McFadyen

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Not to rub it in... but...

:D I'm still off for the rest of this month- just have a couple of exams to do later this month then start back proply in Feb :D


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I've got to go back to school tomorrow and I don't want to! :( I won't be able to get up! I think the earliest I've got up during this holiday was 11:30, with the exception of xmas day :) 7:30 at the bus stop is too early! :cry:


I had to go back to school today and face 30 screaming children....actually it was 29 as one was away! After weeks of being lazy it was abit of a culture shock Anyway, the children were delightful and the day passed quietly.....but, oh, didn't it drag!! I bet they are noisy tomorrow though........damn!!

:( 8) 8) 8) :cry: :cry:


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I was in work last Monday - Wesnesday and then back on Friday, originally finshing on Christmas Eve. It's the fault of these inconsiderate people being ill over the holidays (or even dying)!

Edit: duplicate post deleted! Dyl.


Back to work??
I've been there all over Xmas and New Year :( (someone's got to keep them under control!)
But on a good note(like a top Bb!)....I'm off to Benidorm next week as a post xmas treat :p


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They've just been saying onthe radio that at least 1 in 3 people have owned up to "pulling a sickie" in January, or at least to taking time off when they really could get into work if they wanted to.

As for me, like Dyl I've had to work through this year, except I've also been in on the weekends as well :cry:


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I've had almost 2 weeks at home - the longest break in about 3 years! Was all relaxed out though by the end, and ready to get back to work before my brain turned to mush (ok - mushier)
Still managed to oversleep yesterday though - was almost 11 when I got in. Made up for it this morning - was here at 8:30. Amn't I good..


Pythagoras said:
Got up at 6 Monday morning to go to work. Pupils seemed strangely subdued, but it won't last long.

Strangely subdued??? I wish! Our kids were hyper! Why can't we have three weeks off at christmas!


I had nearly 3 weeks off this Christmas, it was great. The down side of it was that when I got back into work I had over 2800 e-mails in my inbox of which only 50 weren't spam :roll: Not to mention all the tMP posts :wink:

Cheers, Greg.


I didn't have any time off this christmas (apart from the Chrissy day, boxing day and New years day) :( I even had to work Saturday! :( :(
Next Christmas though...... :) :)
Uni doesn't start til next monday, but even then I don't have a lecture til the wednesday (a whole hour!). :D

Have two essays to write which I've been thinking of doing for the past two months but as usual will be written the night before.
I don't really know why I leave it so late cos every other time I stay up all night trying to do the work I say never again! :shock:

Band started last night which was a reminder to start practising again, I think it hit everyone else as well just how long we had off!


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well, this month i'm just being despondant about work since i have 10 whole days of holiday between now and september... comepared to about 60 for all those waster students i know who only get up at 9am, do about 2 hours of work and then go to the pub....'s so unfair... :cry:

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