Back to the days of my Euph....

Jon Mills

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Hi there.

I've just returned to euphonium playing after a 20+ year break.

I learned to play on a lovely Boosey & Co Imperial (c.1917), and have been hoping to get a similar instrument on a tight budget.

Amazingly, I have managed to purchase a gorgeous a Besson Sovereign 967 (1989) at a steal of a price but if has no case.

Does anyone know if it will fit in a John Packer hard euphonium case?

John Packer Euphonium Case

Currently my options are between one of these and a Fazley PE-SB100 case from Bax Music.

Fazley PE-SB100 piston euphonium case for sale | Bax Music

Does anyone have any experience of either?

I'm desperate to get some protection for the l this instrument and (unless someone has a case they're looking to pass on) these seem like my two best options.

Thanks for any advice.

Jack E

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When I've bought from Packer's, I found their staff very helpful. If they don't know for certain if one of their cases will fit your instrument, may I suggest that you take a picture of it looking straight at it, mark up the relevant dimensions like this, and send it to them? That should give them a very close idea if one of their cases would suit you.