Sold/Expired Bach Strad flugal for sale...

I have a second hand Bach Flugel in laquer for sale. As there are so few about it is difficult to guage an asking price.
It is about ten years old and as is to be expected of a well used instrument of this age there are now a few tarnished areas of laquer.
It still still blows wonderfully and has its full and rich tone.
Has anybody got any ideas about how much instruments of this age might go for?
Just a ball park area would be greatly appreciated.
If anyone is interested in buying this this please get in touch!!
James Pearson
Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band
I wouldn't let mine go for less than £1000 and I bought it in 1988...but I don't intend to sell it. You can pick up a new one at Trevor Jones in Bristol for £1215 suggest you put it up for auction on ebay and stick in a reserve price of what you would be happy getting for it. Most certainly I believe the Bachs they turn out now don't compare with flugels supplied 10 - 15 years ago. :lol:

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