Sold/Expired Bach Mercedes 2 Trombone For Sale.

I have a Bach Mercedes 2 Trombone for sale!
I am selling this Trombone on behalf of a friend- I am a brass player- my primary instrument is a Euphonium, although I also play the Trombone, Bass Trombone and Baritone, the only reason why I haven't bought this trombone is purely because I currently play on a Conn 50H Trombone which is just as good as the Bach Mercedes 2, I have been trusted to sell this for my friend! I believe my friend received this from a relative, although he is primarily a singer and guitarist, therefore is trying to sell it.

I am selling a Bach Mercedes 2 in pristine condition. It has very few signs of damage- the worst problem it has which does not affect the sound in anyway is a tiny dent, only about 1mm in diameter and 0.5mm in depth which is located on the bell stem. Other than this slight problem it does not have any other problems at all.

The trombone makes an incredible sound, it rivals any other trombones I've played, which includes a Conn 50H and a mid-range Edwards Tenor Trombone.

The trombone does not include a mouthpiece, as this is personal to the buyer. It also does not have its original hard case for reasons which neither my friend or I know. Never the less it will come with a great Outola gig bag, which again has no signs of damage at all, but doesn't include a strap to put it on your back.

The Trombone is for sale at £450.00 or nearest offer.
I have attached some photographs of the trombone and the gig bag. Which are located at the end of the advert.

Please contact myself regarding additional information about the Trombone or photographs of the Trombone:


Please contact my friend, Kai Fennell, if you are interested in buying the trombone:

This is an opportunity not to be missed; this is a great trombone at a great price!