Bach 42 Tenor trom (straight)


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A number of years ago, in my early youthful playing days I was given a lacquered Bach 42 Tenor trombone (straight) by a family member. I now don't these days play it too often, generally sticking to my Conn 88H. However, I recently used it and looked to find out a bit more about it. I can find quite a bit of information about the 42B (the triggered version) but not too much about the 42. I wondered whether anyone on here might be able to help - in particular what kind of value it might have?


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First to say 42's have never really been that popular here in the UK, hence why Bach don't even try to sell here now

Value depends on age and condition is it a gold bell or yellow, have seen them sell anywhere from £400 to 695 maybe a bit more depends how fast you want to sel it


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I used to have a straight 42 a few years back. Lovely little instrument. Didn’t really appreciate it until it got destroyed in aeroplane transit. I then changed to my much loved knackered old 42b which is still probably my favourite hooter. I now play on a shires and and 88h at work and still can’t find anything that plays like my 42b. No idea why they’re not as popular as Conn tho? Reckon about £500 but I’d be reluctant to sell!!!