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LittleBabyBadger, who is only 2 1/2, can get a recognisable note out of my horn! :shock: Is this some kind of record? So much for EvilDaddyBadger who says she will play the clarinet...

I was 9 when I very first started to play on a very battered old trombone, but I didn't really get going until I got my first cornet about 18 months later.

How old were you all when you started and what did you start on?

Jo Elson

I played piano at the age of 7 first, then when i was 7 or 8 I started the cornet. I will always remember my first lesson with wem band. I couldn't get a note out of the instrument for the whole two hours, then when the lesson was over they checked out the instrument again and realised that the valves weren't in porperly!!!


Jo Elson said:
when the lesson was over they checked out the instrument again and realised that the valves weren't in porperly!!!

This reminds me of my niece who has fallen under and evil woodwind spell, she plays clarinet and sax and wanted a flute, so her parents (enablers really) got her a flute for Christmas, she put it together and blew, no sound, eventually we figered out there was a cleaning swab stuffed into one of the tubes.

I was 9 when I started French horn, only discovered tenor (and Brass Band for that matter) about 3 years ago.

My 19 month old like to push valves and looks into the bell to see where the sound is coming from, but I can't get him to do much more than try to wrap his lips completely over the mouthpiece - any suggestions for forcing toddlers to play (Um, I mean encouraging youthful exploration.) I need to get him going before football becomes too huge of a part of his interest.


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I was about 11 when I started, had a close shave though cause I wanted to play Viola intitally... shudder... saved by lack (and cost) of instruments.

My son (8) started this year, initially on cornet, quickly on to Tuba (which worked a lot better but the size was a problem) and finally on Euphonium. He has his first proper concert week after next at woking festival!.

Alas he has no sense of rhythm, otherwise hes got the fingering really fast and reads music well.

Our 2 year old shouts at me when I practice or sticks her hands over her ears... reckon she'll be a percussionist (thats her in my avatar)!


Started playing piano age 5, saw a trumpet in the lesson room and asked to play it, so if that counts, age 5! Proper lessons on cornet, aged 9.


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I was 7 when I started on cornet but my dad brainwashed me from being a baby that 'one day you're going to play Flugel for Brighouse'. I soon dashed his dreams once I actually started learning.
My cousin's daughter is 12 and shes just won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music on 'CLARINET' I don't know what went wrong after all her dad learned to play cornet with me and her mum doesn't play at all


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I was six when I started playing the trumpet - the same age for my first "solo, which was O Come All Yee Faithful. Everyone went "Awwwwww" when I came on stage - how things change :(


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i was 10 when i started playing trombone... bit of a late starter it appears! Had my first performance 6 months later at the christmas concert where me and another guy on trombone played little donkey, and i fell off the back of my stool... ah the memories! :D


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I'm sure this thread has been about before, but anyway. I started on cornet at 7 (ish) and was on horn a few years later, definately by 11 as that was when I did my first contest on 2nd horn. A few years of this and finally I got to play God's own instrument, the Eb bass, at the age of 13. I was young and needed the money! :lol:


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i started when i was 10 on horn and changed to cornet 2 years ago when i was 15 and i started flute when i was 13 and im just about to quit that :cry: :cry: due to lack of money for lesons :cry: :cry: .....but i think im the official baby of flixton band (i think?!?!?!) i dunno!! :? :p


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Started at 6 on flugel, but had to give up for six months while my front teeth fell out/grew back.
My 13 month old daughter keeps trying to play with my cornet, much to the annoyance of my wife (she being our solo euph player). And she can nearly get a sound from it, not much yet though!
When my wife was pregnant the little'un used to kick off every time we rehearsed "Mars", she still doesn't like it now, maybe it's the 5/4 rhythm that offends her! She also slept quite happily through a fair bit of Whit Friday at Delph this year, until quite late on a band came on and were wildy out of tune, then she woke up screaming and didn't stop till they'd finished! Definitely a musical child.
I've a feeling of great expense in later years.................. :)


I started playing euph at the age of nine and had my first concert 2 weeks later playing oh when the saints!! But i have heard of someone starting to play euph at the age of 3!!
i started when i was 7, and i needed a cushion to put my euph on 'cause it was sooo heavy 8)

I think baby players are cute, but if they hope to carry it on in later life, then they need to get bad habits out the way now, and i think it would be difficult especially with unruly kiddies, but still...


I started on the tenor horn when i was 7 at Poynton Youth Brass Band
(see signature for further details) :lol:

got moved to flugel at the tender age of 10, and my first solo was "Away in a manger" (major "awww" factor)

I started playing the cornet as a sideline at 15, now look where i am!(No, actually, dont look!) :oops:


Well I started playing the cornet at 8 and have stuck to it (which might not be a good thing!) But i've also always played at Poynton Youth since I first started in the baby band and now im Principal Cornet- I know, there's little hope!


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I started piano when I was 8, trumpet when I was 10, and moved to Euphonium at the age of 13 when someone pointed out the trumpet wasn't suited to me and that I had loads of bad habits.
Much better player on Euphonium, and enjoying it a whole lot more!
I started on horn when i was 7, carried on with it ever since!! Know of people who started when they were 3 (?!) fair enough it is cute n all 4 a while but it does seem abit pointless startin so early....?! :?

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