[b]WHIT FRIDAY 2004[/b]


Whit Friday is always the eighth Friday after Good Friday. Hope that is some use to you for knowing the date in future years.


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our coach broke down at whit friday this year loads of coaches drove past and then littlebourough stopped and gave us a lift to the next villiage we lent them one of our basses as they wwere short and then after theyed played when we did the walk down they were all stood at the bottonm cheerin us on! Just thought i'd share that cos we thought it was really nice!


Nice story Leisa!
Thats the true spirit of banding! If anyone from Littleborough reads this, give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.
Perhaps this may inspire a thread along the lines of 'Bands who have helped when we were really stuck' ?!?


Speaking for Littleborough Band can I say it was a pleasure to pick up flixton at Whit Friday. A nicer bunch of people you couldn't hope to meet. By the way, you don't know of any bass players looking for a 4th section band do you!!

Surely Whit Friday has always been about the spirit of banding? How people can drive past bands in need and not help out is beyond me.

Thanks to Flixton for the fabulous letter in the Bandsman. It made the band's night when I read it out in band practice!


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