B flat baritone, fully compensating, lacquered finish, in very good condition. £450

Gordon Wright

New Member
I am selling my Chinese-made, unbranded, three-valve, compensating B-flat baritone.
The instrument is three years old and is in almost perfect condition, with only a handful of tiny cosmetic imperfections and a small amount of lacquer loss (which si very difficult to see).
The instrument plays very well, with a good full tone and good (but not perfect) intonation.
The valves are slick enough for me as a second-section 1st Baritone player but may possibly frustrate enthusiastic players of 'The Flight of the Bumblebee'.
All slides and 'screw on, screw off' pieces are free.
It comes with the original mouthpiece, which appears to be a clone of a Wick 6. It's comfortable and makes a good sound. I have my own mouthpiece so I've barely used the one that is with the instrument. (I have a brand new, boxed Wick SM6B to sell, should that be of interest to the buyer.)
The only issue I believe the instrument has is the quality of the valve cap threads; they can be a little fiddly to get started.
It's in a typical 'semi-hard' case which keeps it well-protected. The case has a good-sized external pocket and a small hinged interior box (big enough for a second mouthpiece).
I have owned the instrument from new and have kept it clean inside and out. I have replaced the springs with firmer ones (but have the original 'soft' springs) and all the felts and corks are almost new.
If you are local to Stanley, Co. Durham, you are welcome to come and try it.
If you're reasonably close, I could deliver it once the sale is completed. If you're far away, I will arrange transportation at an agreed cost with an agreed carrier.

The price is £450.