How difficult is it to start to write about yourself?

Oh well ....here goes.......

As a few of you may know my real name is Nigel Sutherland (well actually it's not...but that's a different story)

I've been a member here since whenever it says to the left. I've been in brass bands since my mum told me to (circa. 1971), learning under the formidable Les Maw BEM at Kirkbymoorside Town Band (my home town). I've also played drums in bands ranging from Punk/New Wave to Rock and Rock n Roll (one gig with a C&W band was quite enough thanks!).

Apart from a short sojourn over the mooors to British Steel (Teeside) I had almost 23 years at "Kirby". Playing everything from Sop to down to 1st Horn (apart from top man). During that time the band traversed from 3rd to Champ section and is still wavering between top and 1st.

Eventually, itchy feet took me to my mate's band down the road, Stape Silver...starting on Flugel, then being press-ganged into Principal Cornet.

A sudden urge to achieve a bit before my teeth fell out saw me go down to Hull-based EYMS to help out for the National Finals at the RAH (tick one). After which I headed for West Yorkshire, and my current band, the Imps. With whom I've played at the Masters (twice), Brass in Concert and the Open (twice) (tick 2/3/4) pretty much achieving what I set out to do (and I've still got my teeth).

At some point I'll try my hand at wagging, but I'm enjoying the playing too much at the mo'.

Through tMP I made my bum numb and my bladder ache at Test the Nation and was to blame for setting up the first tMP Easingwold.

I work as a Risk Assessor for a large chemical water treatment company and live in the Yorkshire town of Malton with my partner, Tanya (Solo Horn at Stape) and two dogs (Charlie and Sam).
In my spare time (ha ha) I occasionaly shoot small animals and birds and can be found chucking a fly at empty stretches of water.
I was totally against banning hunting (some of my family face losing their jobs and their homes)........and I'm absolutely for the legalisation of cannabis.
I'm now 42 years old (last week) with receding hair and an expanding waistline...but I'm not bitter (in fact, that's what's causing the waistline problem!)

I think that's quite enough of me.



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Hey Nigel

Good to see your smiling face on the front cover of the Bandsman last week, clearly savouring the moment of victory. I'm sure that the band as a whole are enjoying the exposure that this success has brought. I can imagine that this photo will be hung in the bandroom for years to come. Looking forward to big things from the band in future.

sudcornet said:
I think that's quite enough of me.