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I put my picture on because.....

  • I think I'm reeeeeeealy sexy

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  • I'm sad and boring and have nothing better to do

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  • I need an ego boost

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  • ... just because... :)

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Go homocidalbennyboy!!!
It's very nice. :wink:

We might even start a new trend of everyone putting a picture of their true selves as their avatar!!

Would make spotting tMPers at events much easier, for example Whit Friday when there is just a sea of people at Delph at midnight!!

oooo cheeky! :lol:
Mine was in colour but i changed it to black and white!! It looks better that way coz i'm a bit tipsy there and my cheeks were a bit rosy! :oops: :lol:


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:lol: Mysterious is always good. Cover's a wide range of moods.

"Were you scowling at me?"
"No.. I was being Mysterious" :D


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How long do you think it will be until we get told to keep to the topid :?: :D ;)
hehe we were kinda on topic... well ....we were talkin bout the impression peoples avatars give to those.. ahh ok then we weren't quite on topic were we!
look at me takin it even further off topic!
Apologies and back on topic starting from......NOW!!


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homocidalbennyboy said:

How long do you think it will be until we get told to keep to the topid :?: :D ;)

NO NO! Get the old Avatar BAck! AARGH!

I tell you what I'll have to hypnotise you, just stare into the eyes of the my avater and repeat after me "I shall not make sarky remarks at the sop player , I shall not make sarky remarks at the sop player , ..... "



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Nah. That's too hard. It's fun being sarky to you (although you could make me get music :() ;)


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Keppler said:
Have voted hobbes as international super hero...

Plus he's very expressive, witty and has a mood for all occasions..

Zigactly like Kepps... (*ahem*)

Yeah, but does Kepps have mandibles of death? :twisted:

Having just returned from Blackpool where apart from Naruco I only recognised people I've met before, putting real piccy on your avatar is probably a good thing.
Obviously I do look like a badger in real life, even more so when my hair-dye ran all down my back in the club last night.
BMB :wink:


Put on a picture of me just because although a bag of twigglets looked VERY appealing, they weren't quite a valid representation..

Seems to work as someone at the Northwest areas said hello to me today just from my avatar...brillo!


My avatar is my mini-web character, known as Jet, or Pony. He's also a mark of my 'artistic' side. I made it myself, as i like to do. It's also one of the very many i have on msn6


Trom41821 said:
Accidental said:
I went for a cartoon avatar cos I haven't got a decent pic of myself to put here, and I don't want to have to look at myself everytime I post!
Certainly don't have a problem with other people putting pics up

You definately don't want to see a piccy of me!! I keep changing my cartoon one for entertainment value :wink:

What he said.


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