Sold/Expired Available New Arrangement of 'Fairy Tale of New York' for Brass Band

Ronan Doherty

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Just finished a new arrangement of 'Fairy Tale' of New York for Brass Band . It probably fits at Intermediate level to Senior level insofar as Range for Euphoniums / Baritones moves fleetingly to Top C. Blew through the arrangement with Strabane Brass Band and sounds good. I did this arrangement because the previous one purchased by band was 'not great'. This is better.

Just email me at and I'll forward you a preview of Conductor's score.
Best wishes
Is it a "legal" arrangement? Just asking ...

Hi, Gareth I would need direction on that. What do I need to do to make it a 'legal' arrangement? I'll quite happily withdraw the arrangement if it contravenes copyright. I'm not an expert on this by any means. I recently had an original choral piece performed and recorded at a concert in Birmingham and the subsequent recording was for sale on Amazon and when I challenged the person who had made this recording and was selling it as to why they had not sought my permission they replied that it was up to a royalty collection agency with which I am registered to collect the appropriate share. So I certainly would take guidance on this if you can offer.
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Ronan Doherty

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I have just forwarded a request for clarity on this with the PRS and await their response. I will remove the aforesaid arrangement until I receive further response.


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If you don't have a licence to make an arrangement from whoever holds the copyright to the original, then you have infringed copyright law. I'm willing to be corrected by a legal expert, but my belief is it's as simple as that. I may be wrong, but I don't think PRS are involved.

Andrew Norman

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GJG is correct. It is nothing to do with PRS. You need permission from the copyright holder(s) - as shown in bold below - and would normally expect to buy a licence to make the arrangement and a further licence to sell copies.
Probably contact Universal Music in the first instance.
Fairytale Of New York
Words and Music by Shane Mac-Gowan and Jem Finer
© 1987 Stiff Music Ltd and BMG Music Publ. Ltd Perfect Songs Ltd and Universal Music Publishing MGB Ltd All Rights Reserved.


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