Audience Participation???

I came across a post I made the other day[see AUDITORIUM-EPSOM and EWELL] and thought you all might like to take the opportunity to tell us about interesting/amusing audience/Band episodes.
A few years ago I was in St James Park listening to a concert by the Guard's Association Band.Standing outside the area roped off for the Band were3 very strange gentlemen. One of these stood out because he had an ill fitting reddish wig and stood just outside the roped off area 'conducting' every number. I presume he was well known to the actual conductor because while the Band were playing the Gold and Silver Waltz he was beckoned forward to take the baton. At this point the3 'strangers' fought among themselves for 'the honour' of being allowed to conduct theBand.The 'ghost' conductor won the fight and 'conducted' the rest of the piece wigless! When the piece finished he received a standing ovation, and returned wigless outside the ropes. While he was 'conducting' amongrel seized his wig from the grass and ran off with it!!
We had a concert in the Guildhall(Portsmouth) a few years back, I think it was a Rotary Club function or something similar to that. Anyway this guy ,who was well and truly drunk, first came on stage to try and conduct the band claiming that he was a pro. He didnt have a clue what he was doing so the band, trying not to laugh just carried on. Later on in the concert, we were playing Born Free and the same *edit* ran from one side of the hall to the other totally naked. The hall was full of old conservative sorts and they didnt like it one bit :roll: , the band thought it was good though as it made the concert a bit less boring :lol:

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