Attention St Helens bands


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This item appeared in St Helens ‘Star’ 12/1/06.

What do you think?
ARE you involved in the music scene in St Helens?
If so then the new Community Music Network wants to hear from you about what you think of the local music scene. The network is supported by St Helens Council’s Arts Service and its aim is to advance the provision of music across the town.
As part of its work the network is currently holding an audit of the current music facilities in St Helens.
The network would like to hear from musicians, teachers, choir members or people who run music venues.
Anyone who would like to take part in the audit can contact Josephine or Philip at the Council’s Arts Service on Mondays only on 01744 455498.

Perhaps if we all phone up, the Council will take some note?

It seems, after a phone call or two, that this Community Music Network meets monthly, usually on the second Friday of the month. If you leave your email on the answerphone (number above) they will let you know the date.Their efforts to contact people appear somewhat limited so far, given that this thing has been around since June. Let them know you're here!