As & A2 results!


Less than a week now till results day, good luck to everyone who is getting results on Thursday! Hope all tmpers get what they want! Getting bit nervous myself now :roll:

who else is waiting for results?
I'm awaiting AS and am pretty nervous bout getting them. But at the end of the day, if i don't do as well as i hope, i can retake some bits etc. which makes me feel an incy wincy bit better :) but i mean, ideally, who wants to do retakes!! So fingers crossed!!
Not really bothered about getting my results from school on Thursday, but am going in anyway to give moral support to friends awaiting A2 results :)
Good luck to all!!
well im not looking forward to my AS, considering i answered the wrong questions in two of the exam :mad:

oh well, always retakes!


yep - loved retakes! (well, comparitively speaking) even tho thought wrote basically same thing just a couple of months later, got 4 grades higher! :shock: que?!!


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Good Luck to everyone getting there results, hope you get what you need, and don't forget the best and most important part of results day... the whole day binge to celebrate :D :guiness


Exactly. I'm starting as soon as the pubs open whatever my results! :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness


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drummerboy said:
Exactly. I'm starting as soon as the pubs open whatever my results! :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness

We'd arranged our pub crawl before we even kew the release date! :oops:


I'm sure you'll all get what you deserve.

unfortunately for me, thats probably true!!

i'm dreading mine but luckily i've got the day well planned...
get up
pick up results
go to pub
come home
tell 'rents results
hit the clubs

with any luck, i will have forgotten the results by friday morning!! (only kidding dad! :wink: )

gud luck everyone and on a serious matter how bad it seems this week..its not the end of the world (can u sense my 'optimism'??)

Dave Euph

Good luck everyone! I've had my share of good and bad results from GCSE, AS and A2s! Best thing to do is either celebrate with a drink or drown your sorrows! ;)

Big Twigge

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I did relatively badly in my A levels (worse than I neededanywya). I didn't get into my first choice, rang my second - they were lovely, offered me a place and I was in the pub within the hour.
If they're not as expected I'm sure you'll all sort something out and have a great time wherever you end up!
Good Luck!!
good luck with u all. i am ecapecting results.

i m goin to fail :D

oh ell. im off going into town celebrating....or comisaerating :wink:


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i will also do as bad!

i even dreamt i did quite well last night, even though theres not a chance in hell i did!

are we goin to publish results on tmp? i meen, anyone that wants too.

kk x

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