arrangements for brass quartet and drums needed quickly


Hello - can anyone help?
I have been asked to arrange brass quartets of:
Carmina Burana, Vindaloo, We are the champions, Colonel Bogey, Fanfare for the common man, When the saints, Here we go, Swing Low, Chariots of fire, Hey baby, 3 Lions, Let me entertain you, Ally's army, Simply the best, We are the champions, Rule Britannia, The Queen, and always look on the bright side of life.
All for a football camp to play along with a cd!
I have midi files for these but no time - with AB exams this week anda YABB trip soon!
I hope that someone can help me - please
David Notley


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Hey Dave... are you familiar with [url broken] ...??

Dont' want you to fall foul in what you're trying to do... :wink:
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They tell me that all PRS monies have been paid - but I will not be helping them now - Sports Tours

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