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Does anyone know if an Errata has been published for Passacaglia? We have uncovered some obvious errors, as well as discrepencies between the parts and score, - inconsistencies in phrasing / dynamics / articulation etc.

Or do we need to collate our own?

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davidsait said:
Follow up:

Does anyone think there is a need for a web-database for erratas (both officially published and user contributed) for brass band music? Something like ? It might be able to include 'cheats' (i.e. workarounds) for pieces as well?

Dave Sait

... how about using for this Dave??? I am happy to set up another category if it adds value.... even include this in one of the existing categories...

Thoughts please... ?



davidsait said:
Follow up:
It might be able to include 'cheats' (i.e. workarounds) for pieces as well?
Dave Sait

.... I need a Cheat for 'The Devil an the....'..... :D

Hey cheating is for sisters...;-) ;-)


Hi - Can't recall all off of the top of my head - but there is a definate error in the BBb parts within the first few lines - incorrect number of beats in the bar. I would need to check that out, but as I recall the part is wrong and the score is correct.

On my own part (1st Bari), there is a missing slur in bar 417, missing slur over the bar 259/260.

Will check when I am at band on Monday night what the others are - mostly suspected missing articulation and dynamics. We have not yet found any wrong notes, which is an improvement on some years!!

Will try and update after Monday.

All the best



Dear All

This has been taken from an e-mail response from the publishers. There is a lot to be left to the discretion of the MD, but there are a couple of slightly more material issues. It might call for a quick ring to the regional secretaries for clarification!


"Thank you and the band for the list. I have not contacted AB about anything
here, but will probably raise one or two points with him when the moment is
opportune. I have based my answers on the evidence as I see it and my
experience of Arthur's markings. I hope it helps. I know AB would encourage
bandmasters to work out their own solutions, and readily concede that there is
more than one way to perform his music.

Bar 35 As 2nd Bari & Bb Bass have Trom figure should they have cresc.?
Not marked in ms. I would not have 2nd bari cresc. because 1st Bari enters
Bar 52 Eb bass mp missing from score
Bar 54 Should Flugel 2nd Beat be Staccato as 1st Bari & Soprano?
Not marked in m s. but almost certainly an oversight. Should be as 1st Bari.
Bar 61 Should 1st Horn be Staccato as Bass Trom & Euph.?
Not marked in m s. May be intended as written. At conductor's discretion.
Fig.66 is placed one bar too soon in Solo Hn part.
Bar 88-9 Tie missing from 1st Bari in score.
Bar 91 SHARP MISSING FROM minim A in 2nd Bari in score and part.
Bar 92 Should Solo Ct., etc. be staccato as the previous phrase by 2nd Ct.?
Not marked in m s. The phrase is now building and extended. I think
possibly not staccato, but at conductor's discretion.
Bar 100 Last beat of bar in Solo Ct & Rep should it be staccato?
Not marked in m s. Possibly not staccato, but at conductor's discretion.
Bar 105 Cresc. missing on Baritone Parts?
My fault. but missing from 2nd bari only.
Tie missing from B. Tbn in score.
Bar 106 No Dynamics on Horn Part?
My fault. Should be as score.
Bar 110 Should there be an sf on Horn & Baritone Parts?
Not marked in m s. but Yes excepting 2nd horn.
Bar 115 Dim on Bass line then should they be staccato as rest of band.?
Dim certainly but staccato not marked in ms. Possibly as written but
conductor might be justified in asking for semi stacc.
Bar 119 2nd Bari part, tenuto line should replace stacc dot.
Bar 144 Should quavers be staccato?
Not marked in m s. but probably staccato simile (at conductor's discretion)
Bar 147 if above is no why is Rep staccato last beat?
Bar 148 Solo Ct. 1st quaver not Staccato - Also should they & Soprano Be accented?
AB marks Solo Ct. very precisely from 148 to 156. Play as written. No accent
so that Sop 2nd beat accent is more telling.
Bar 195 Should BBb Bass be staccato on crotchets as Timp was previously?
Not marked in m s. but I suggest semi stacc as Tbns previously.
Bar 196 Are markings correct on Baritone part - line, dot & slur?
Yes. A slightly broken slur echoing previous 8 bars
Bar 204 Soprano see above is slur really phrase mark?
Yes. As baritones.
Bar 251 Last beat crotchet some have accents, staccato, tenuto are they correct.?
Yes. Marked in the ms. AB often singles out Tbns for individual treatment.
Bar 256 BBb Bass has line & dot?
Correct. Semi staccato - 'not too short'
Bar 272 Should Solo Euph's last crotchet be staccato as Baritones & Basses?
Not marked in ms. but probably yes. At conductors discretion.
Bar 284 Should Baritones last beat be staccato?
Not marked in ms. Not necessarily but at conductors discretion.
Bar 288 Should Horns & Flugel have staccato last beat?
Not marked in ms. Possibly not but at conductors discretion.
Bar 290 Should cornets & flugel be staccato as Basses & Euph etc.?
Not marked in ms. At conductors discretion. There may be a danger of
overdoing the total staccato effect of this passage (in my opinion).
Bar 321 Bass Trom Staccato crotchets?
Not marked in ms. At conductors discretion.
Bar 326 Basses & Bass Trom Staccato 2nd crotchet as Euph & Baritones?
Not marked in ms. A different melodic 'line' so I would leave it as written.
Bar 356 2nd beat 1st Baritone staccato?
Bar 356 1st beat Euph part differs from score on Semi's or Demi's?
Score has a misprint (Overprinted slashes)
Bar 400 Should Basses & Euph be staccato to match rest of the band's style?
Not marked in ms. At conductors discretion.
Bar 415 Dim in Baritone parts?
Not marked in ms. but Yes - slightly, to forte
Bar 454 Staccato quaver not in all parts?
Not marked in Bari & Tbns in ms. At conductors discretion
Bar 457 1st beat not all staccato?
Score agrees with ms. AB is careful to confine the stacc to Cornets so he
probably meant it."

Roger Thorne

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I have just spotted a mistake on the Northern Landscapes Errata!!

4th Movement reads 'Bars 96 and 107'

It should read 'Bars 95 and 107'

Northern Landscapes – Errata - as supplied from the above link

Movement 2
The cornet section (parts only) have an incorrect metronome marking of crotchet = c. 63. The score marking crotchet = c. 72 is correct.

Movement 3
Please note that the change of accents (to non-syncopated) from the cornet entry at letter B (and subsequent entries) are correct.

Bar 57: Euphonium crescendo

Bar 58: Cornet dynamic mp

Movement 4
Bars 96 and 107: Bass Bb final quaver should be written A


For all you Passacaglia fans, you might be interested to know that Arthur Butterworth has written to the British Bandsman about the issue of errata. He makes very valid points about musicality and the overall interpretation being the most important aspects of performance.

A useful intervention, perhaps, but I don't think it will put matters to rest for a number of the competing bands.....

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