Are Tmp gonna run a Nationals Contest?

Well Worth It

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What about the All-tMP MASTERS?
Surely whatever you do to it can only be an improvement.

Damn, that's not the first time my claws have been out this morning and it's only 10 2 8.

Just thought of something........If you modelled the 'new' Masters on the Master League Football competition, then the competing bands could only comprise of past players that have either given up, or are only playing in a teaching capacity.
Give them the piece the week before and see what happens...


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I presume what you actually mean is a competition predicting the outcome of the contests. If that is the intention, then all I can say is "Watch this space!"


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Well, I know where my money's going for the 2nd Section!!

And no Andy, I'm not talking about Ellington Colliery!!

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