Are brass teachers extinct?!


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Anyone know of any good brass tutors (ideally horn) in the Gloucestershire/Forest of Dean area that would take me on as a pupil? :)
Would stretch to Worcestershire/S Wales but not if I can help it.

Now I've got a car I can actually travel to get some tuition! Maybe I'll be able to play properly then! :p


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Hmm, going by the lack of response it looks like I'll have to widen the search.

How about any brass tutors in S Wales or around Bristol/Birmingham. There must be some surely!
People can't be teaching themselves to play these days...
There not extinct thats for sure but maybe you need to widen your search to Manchester and Yorkshire i now that youll get alot of response if you widen your place to Yorkshire. :lol: :lol: I now of loads in the Manchester area aswell.

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