Sold/Expired Arban cornet bible

Have been asked by my daughter buy her a copy of the Arban Cornet Bible
Not sure of the correct title and publisher can anyone help


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A fine publication!

Not sure who the publisher is but you can pick it up from any sheet music shop. The actual title is 'Arban Cornet Method'.

If a local shop of yours does not have it try on the web for companies like Band Supplies, Normans Musical Instruments, John Parker etc. You will have no problem getting hold of one.



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Just to add, it should cost you around £18 usually. But it is worth price, being over 200 pages of vital exercises etc to help your playing. It has certainly helped me, but the most important thing is that your daughter will need to have a structured daily routine to work around the book, as it is a very big! :wink: :lol:

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