Apres-contest songs :)

On the way back from Wilkinsons the other day, there must much revelery, despite us getting 4th (boooh!).
Anyway, it became apparent that a lot of old banding "songs" are being forgotten.

Does anybody have the words+tunes to any good sing-song songs (rude ones especially!!!) [Yogi Bear/Engineers Song come to mind].

Understandably, the moderators would probably prefer not to have swear words and stuff on the message board.
However, feel free to send any to me at "Ralph.Little at tribaldata.co.uk"!!!!

Many thanks,


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we had words made up to Slaidburn once (our solo horn player delights in them) - but it was for pre-contest psyche up use!


We traditionally sing "the Fireman's song" (wonder if it isn't similar to teh afore mentioned "Engineer's song." Not so much the words that are funny but how it's sung, so won't try to portray it here. We'd love to expand our "library" of rude songs, so hope this thread gets some response. Now there'd be a fun amatuer CD project, "after Contest Banding songs" perhaps having bands contribute a recording of their funniest/rudest /silliest song and compile them on a CD for distribution within th BB world.

Besides the fireman's song, we've sung "We're all Norwegian today" to the tune of Valdres at NABBA last year, we recently seem to delight in "Dum te dumming" to "Dundonnel" and personnally I've taken to setting new words to "Oh Canada," but perhaps that's another thread.


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The CD set already exists. It's branded as rugby songs but I'm sure we can live with that. The set consists of 5 CDs including a christmas special as well as an MS word file of the lyrics. It's released by Ron & the Rude Boys at http://www.rugby-songs.co.uk

The singing on the cd's is enthusiastic if not entirely musical and gets you some odd looks when you pull up at traffic lights with the windows open :p


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I believe there is a CD issue of 'BrassSoc sings', the triumphally X-rated account of the University of Warwick Brass Band's tour of Devon and Cornwall in 1999. Available only for the discerning connoisseur...

Mrs Fruity

Having stood close to Sellers in the bar after Spenny, I can officially vouch for the fact that they know a post-contest song - just the one, mind :guiness :lol: Well done on a fab performance, and a great result.


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thats all you need to know..
oh and leyland band.. and offlimits
people who know will know :D


Well I am interested in hearing some of these songs :shock:
I know a fair few as me dad played rugby when I was little so learnt a few errr something to do with dina and nice girls/sailors............ :oops: :lol: :shock:

We end up singing various ones but On Ilkley Moor is a favourite!! :D

Big Twigge

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For our very long bus journey to Torquay last year, Bagpuss, Blondie, Ady etc produced a lovely song book for the bus journey....including Yogi Bear, She'll be coming round the mountain etc and the rest

An interesting song book, but not really family friendly!


Think i learnt nearly all my drinking songs on Yabb or depping with Leyland!!

Some classics -
I know a song that'll get on your nerves (possibly the only one not containing obscene language!)
Our Tomcat
Yogi Bear
In the Stores!!

And you really haven't lived until you've heard Dave Dunn-B's rendition of 'The Sombrero Song'. He also does a mean Jungle Book! :D

I can't remember any more, my minds gone blank!! :shock:
Help me out you yabbers!

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