'Append Score' in Sibelius

James McFadyen

New Member
In a desperate attempt to print out (as quickly as possible) music for Diane, (tMP xmas winner) I have been struck with the append score feature within sibelius!

This allows you to have all you're parts and score in one sibelius file, even duplicate parts, ie: 4 solo cornet parts. So instead of opening every sibelius file and printing it individually, you can print the whole set in one go.

I've tried using the printing folder of parts thingy, but quite frankly is useless since it doesn't print the right quantity of parts.

Just wondered if anyone else uses the append score feature for printing.

Roger Thorne

Active Member
According to the Sibelius 2 User manual, 'Append Score' is not for combining score and parts together. It is a function to use if you wish to join two or more scores together with matching staves and instrumentation. ie: songbooks.


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