anyone seen these before?

just to add my forpenneth to the considered opinion above . . . .

I think there is too much made of these devices giving no resistance - I think they shoud have resistance which woud mean that if you can play a piece with the device in you bell it becomes much easierto play with it out.


Looks like a very scarey, pre- technology version of the silent brass.....

reminds me too much of doctors.....and those odd toys and gadgets they use...they say they are making you better.... :?



What a pile of ****! (self-edit)
What's wrong with a DW practice mute? A good bit of resistance to push diaphragm against, tremendous stuff. If it's too loud, blu-tack one of the whole, like what my brother does, nutter!


With 'surgical quality headphones', you could always use the mute bit for listening to random orifices after a curry. Just a thought. Buy a silent brass instead.



It's got to be a pish-take with a line like :-

"A prominant college professor writes:"

Silent Brass is awful enough to use but at least it's a proper gadget!


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I thought it was the genuine article until I saw the "surgical quality" headphones......

I sincerely hope someone is at it because that's the worst business Idea I've ever seen!


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I don't need one -- i seldom practice ... unless my conductor is looking on this forum!

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That has to be a joke. How could anybody insert a peacemaker into anybody using that device. Oh, I meant a pacemaker.

Only Joking :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That is very ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No, it's for real.

I've seen them or at least something very similar for sale in a few music shops.

Never tried it though, already have practise mutes and silent brass, I've enough gadgets without getting anymore! :)


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Amazingly this is not a spoof. They do actually exist and I had a go on one a while back. The mute itself is well made and robust and very effective. Its quieter than a denis wick practice mute and offers about the same or a little less resistance. Unfortunately the person who owned it didnt have the stethoscope bit with them so I can't comment on how good the whole ensembe is.
If I needed a cornet practice mute I might be tempted to order one. They are quite cheap after all.


Not wanting to detract from the actual functionality of the thing... It might be very useful.

Doesn't stop it looking like a cheap bit of tat does it? :p

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