Anyone know where to find this Euph piece?


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Hello, after being on the International Brass Band Summer School in Swansea, (which was great fun to be on) I got the chance to hear David Childs perform in a recital he did at the end of one of our days there.
He played a piece called Ducati SPS 016 (yes its a motorbike for all you enthusiasts!) with an electronic (CD) accompaniment.
I just wondered if anyone knew of anywhere where I could look for this piece (and then obviously buy it if its there! :p ).

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A shop?! :p ... lol! Joking ....

had a look @ JustMusicUk and it doesn't have it!


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"Ducati SPS 916" is the first movement of the "Pearls" suite, by Hungarian tuba virtuoso Roland Szentpali, the other two movements being "My one and only love" and "Susi". Steven Mead has recorded it on World of the Euphonium, Vol 4, but according to his repertoire list it is in munuscript form.

Roland Szentpali is to be one of the guest soloists at the Tuba and Euphonium Conference at the RNCM in Manchester 15-16 November this year, so maybe you could ask him where you could get a copy!


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I've seen it says its only on manuscript on Steven Mead's CD, but David Child's had a published copy of the first movement with a CD. (as he used both and I saw it was published. I never thought to ask who published it though :oops:
Can anyone solve this mystery! :?

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