anyone know any tuned percussion teachers


Does anybody know any tuned percussion teachers, bearing in mind I live in sunderland but would travel to like Newcastle or places like that.



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For Xylo/Glock/etc. you might find that Piano lessons would be more helpful, and surely there are more Piano teachers about than tuned Percussion teachers.

I realise this is not very helpful if you're talking about Timpani, for example...



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The daddy of percussion teachers in the north east has to be Geoff Hutchinson.

He teaches loads of kids in the area esp northumberland and the consistent quality is unbelievable!!

I think i'm right in saying that out of the last 3 years, 2 different pupils of his have won outstanding musician in the Big Band Section of National Concert Band Festival and several of his pupils are currently in america on percussion scholarships. At one time the entire Young Northern Symphonia percussion section was Geoff Hutchinson taught!

I'm not sure how available he is for private lessons or how to contact him. i would check out Northumberland Education on the web for contact details.

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