ANyone going to the North Wales Contest


Apart from Dyl and one or two others on here, how many going to Rhyl for this contest next saturday?
I wont be going but i'll be eager to find out the results afterwards, so could any of the tMP Members which are going to the Rally post the results here.


North Wales

Wrexham Brass are there, although I can't play on the day (other committments!). As soon as I can, I'll pop the results up!!


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held at Rhyl Town Hall, Saturday 22nd November 2003

Adjudicator for all sections was Mr. Alan Lawton
All Sections: March & Own Choice Test Piece


Youth Section 6A:
1st - Beaumaris Youth A (P. Hughes) - 88 points
2nd - Northop Youth A (K. Stott) - 86 points
3rd - Dyffryn Nantlle Youth (S. Massey) - 83 points

Youth Section 6B:
1st - Northop Youth B (K. Stott) - 82 points
2nd - Porthaethwy Youth (S. Massey) - 80 points
3rd - Llanrug Youth (M. Thomas) - 78 points
=4th - Beamaris Youth B (F. Evans) - 76 points
=4th - Royal Oakley Youth (D.A. Jones) - 76 points

Best Performance of a March in the Youth Sections: Beaumaris Youth A
Best Soloist in the Youth Section: Solo Trombone, Northop Youth A

Section Four:
1st - Porthaethwy (G.W. Saynor) - 84 points
2nd - Llandudno (C. Wolfendale) - 82 points
3rd - Holywell Town (D.G. Davies) - 80 points
4th - Abergynolwyn (A.R. Williams) - 78 points
5th - Gwernaffield (J. Pemberton) - 76 points
6th - Dyffryn Nantlle (S. Massey) - 74 points

Best Performance of a March in Section Four: Abergynolwyn
Best Soloist in Section Four: Solo Horn, Porthaethwy

Section Three:
1st - Conwy Town (K. Jones) - 85 points
2nd - Porthaethwy (G.W. Saynor) - 84 points
3rd - Beaumaris B (P. Hughes) - 83 points

Best Performance of a March in Section Three: Conwy Town
Best Soloist in Section Three: Principal Cornet, Conwy Town

Section Two:
1st - Llanrug (G.W. Saynor) - 88 points
2nd - Deiniolen (W. Williams) - 87 points

Best Performance of a March in Section Two: Deiniolen
Best Soloist in Section Two: Principal Cornet, Deiniolen

Best Bass Trombone in Sections Two and Three: Beaumaris B

Open Section:
1st - Rhyl Silver (G. Westwood) - 88 points
2nd - Wrexham Brass (W. Ruston) - 87 points

Best Performance of a March in Open Section: Wrexham Brass
Best Soloist in Open Section: Euphonium, Wrexham Brass


Section 4

1- Porthaethwy Menai Bridge
2 - LLandudno Town
3 - Holywell

Best March - Abergynolwyn
Best Soloist - Amy Philips, Horn, Porthaethwy

Section 3

As Dyl said.

Best March - Conwy
Best Soloist - Wesley Heath, Cornet, Conwy

BEst Bass Trom in section 2 and 3 - Kev from Beaumaris B

Youth Sections

6 A

1 - Beaumaris A
2 - Northop
3 - Nantlle

6 B

1 - Northop
2 - Porthaethwy
3 - Llanrug

And my head's still banging!!!!


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Cheers Chris! I've amended my original post to include your additions (and more). Congratulations to all the prize-winners.
Yeah!!! Congratulations to all the prize winners, especially in the youth sections !! It's nice to see so many youngsters contributing to the Brass Band movement !!! It's a shame that some of the older and better bands don't take note and make some sort of effort to turn up ! The "Rally" would be so much better with the inclusion of these bands.


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Agree 100% Great turnout in the lower sections - extremely disappointing in the higher sections though.

PS. Sut mae hi'n mynd yng Nghaerdydd?

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