Anyone going to Rhyl?


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Anyone going to the Rhyl Festival of Brass on the 22nd of June? We will be competing in the Second Section this year.

Conducting our band on the day is theMouthPiece's very own Roger Thorne! And I believe Elin (twigglet), Alex (Jones) and Steph (Evans) are also helping us out.

This is another great example of the success of - the contacts made through this site have enabled us to enter this contest as we are missing a couple of players due to work commitments and exams.

Cheers Roger - we look forward to meeting you all!!



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It's Alex

I'm playing bass for Deiniolen Band

if you read this Deiniolen, be warned im loud and have a big sound

am up for a good drink after

see you soon


Edited: spellings corrected - (sorry Dyl) - Roger


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Alex, we are very grateful for you helping us out at Rhyl - and there's absolutely no problem about the big sound or the drinking!!!

See you soon,


PS. It's Deiniolen!!


Looking forward to coming to Rhyl to help out Dyl and Deiniolen (think that's spelt right, shoot me if its not!) Should be a giggle, always nice to meet new banders



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I'm not playing but i'll probably find my way up there at some point in the day.

Could everyone please wear their user name in large letters on their uniforms so that I can recognize all the tMP ers when I'm trying to scrounge a drink :wink:
i dont suppose anybody is going on the solo, duets etc day?
im playin in the 16-19 slow melody. Just wondering if i'll know anybody


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haha ben you boc.. doin slow melodies ;) mwahhahahj
me and arfon might be goin on the sunday... whats on that day??


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Sunday 15th June: Youth & Section 4, Solos & Quartets

Sunday 22nd June: Section 3, Section 2 and Open Section.



Will be there for a few beers on both sundays - May as well as its just up the road.



I'll have a Guinness Arfon!


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is that the chris who plays for beamaris who i met the other day with arfon in the footage..? if so.. ello.. if not.. ello anyway.. we'll prob be there on the 22nd in that case..
no interest in solo competitions :p
Audley are going on the 22nd
Its been difficult this year because of exams.
Program starting to take shape though.
We have half a dozen in the solos too so I will be their both weekends.
Conducting Audley and accompanying our players in the solos.

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