Anyone from Briggus ?

Red Elvis

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Hi there
Leyfy and I went to give Frickley and South Elmsall a hand on Saturday at the NHS demo in London . While we were waiting we got talking to a coach driver who spotted our instruments , and it turns out he is the regular driver for B&R so knew his bands . He worked for "Scotts" or "Stotts" .

Anyway , the chap was great - Frickley got a bit lost coming through town so he gave lots of directions to their driver over the phone , and then as we had to go and meet them somewhere else he let leyfy , our chum from Crystal Palace and I store our cases etc on his coach .

Next time you see him big thanks from us - when we got back after the march he wasn't around , and buy him a pint next time he's out with you ( although obviously not if he's driving back!! ) from me !