Anyone else find this as funny as I do?


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Oh deary me!! I don't think certain members of our band would be able to play for laughing if we attempted this!


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If it's still reasonably priced in 5 days it's mine! And I'll keep trying till I find a band who'll play it!


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I couldn't resist!! I had to put a bid on it!!

I'd just love to see ANY conductor try and announce this piece in a concert without laughing! :twisted: :twisted: :!: :!:
An ex-MD of one of my old bands actually bought the piece with the intention of playin it at concerts but the piece was that terrible that the music would've been more of an embarassment than the title!!!! It's still in the library somewhere.......

And no, the piece isn't written about any of my relations!!!!!

BIG Paul

Fantastic piece of music. we have played it at many recent contests and have had it announced by the conductor. only took a month to stop front row from giggling. Now it is one of the most requested pieces we play. anyone want to hear it come to Glossop bandclub on the 18th July


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I actually think the seller's name is funnier than the actual title. BTW it has been on the trade stands for quite a while. Last version I saw was being sold by Headline Music Productions. Not sure of the price, though.


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Kevin bought it for £14.50 @ buxton last year.
We did it at a charity concert and we had a scottish guy in a kilt reciting the poem, its all about a hat and and the "cock up your beaver" means when men had feathers in there hat and they use to flick it up, nice piece a bit of usless info for you

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