Anyone a member of a tuba ensemble--Pro or Amateur?


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Most of my tuba ensemble experience has been with a quartet of 2 EEb & 2 BBb, although I've done some with 2 euph, EEb, BBb, as well as a couple of sextets for 2 Euph, 2 EEb & 2 BBb. Great fun and excellent training :wink:

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The book Tubaphonics has some great tuba ensembles inclunding dectets, dodectets and so forth!!

But no, the best I've done is a quartet.
I haven't done any tuba quartet playing-but it would be such good fun to do so! Anyone recommend any music for tuba quartet's-you've got me started on a new project?! :D
There are three college tuba ensembles of greater than 10 members within 100 miles of me here in Texas and in some of the smallest universities in the state. I find that the trend mostly. Seems the smaller universities have the more prominent TEs. Of course, universities like Michigan, Indiana, Arizona State, and Miami have huge ensembles (some over 30 strong!). A small university in north Texas ( won't say the name, but the director is none other than Dr. Brian Bowman) has four twelve member ensembles. The ensemble at a tiny university in Tennessee has performed at Carnegie Hall at least three times in its history and is perhaps the most famous college ensemble of its kind in the country.

Does this hold true in European (or elsewhere) universities? You have fine professional quartets (Tubalate and Dutch Tuba Quartet, to name a few), however in the amateur and college ranks, I don't hear much. Maybe it's because they are just not advertised in the websites of the colleges or that I'm here and the internet is pretty silent about them. Any discussion?


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Dunno about the lack of Universtiy/College Ensembles over here to be honest. The main problem i find is lack of time to rehearse with another group-4 Bands does me quite well enough. Not sure if other people find the same problems? There is some cracking music about though. First time i played in a quartet was a bit of an impomtu blow at the informal concert at NYBBS last year-that was a laugh. Then, more seriously back in November the 2 EEbs and 2 Euphs from Bon Accord opened a concert for a Local School's Music Association- SCAM.We played A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square and Stars and Stripes Forever. It was great fun. Hoping to repeat the experience at NYBBS this year again maybe- got arrangements of William Tell and Force of Destiny- now those i HAVE to hear! :)
Just FYI.....I got a chance to hear one of the local tuba ensembles premier my new work, Abandon. They did a fine job with that and the rest of their concert.

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My girlfriend is studying at the RNCM, she is part of an all girl tuba quartet called Euph4ria, they play 2 x EEb & 2 Euphoniums.
They are quite a busy ensemble, and have been asked to play at ITEC in Budapest in July..
I think any chamber ensemble is a great way to improve as a player and a musician. The parts for tuba can be very difficult and the style of playing can be very difficult. I have never heard of Euph4ria before, do they have a website. I have checked out Tubalate's website, they seem to be busy and have quite a lot of music available to buy!
What's heartening for me is the increasing interest in tuba ensembling in the high schools in my area. And I agree, compared to the parts these kids usually see in concert or even symphonic bands, even the 3rd and 4th tuba parts get to expand the limits of their instruments. I hope this trend continues to grow to every state here.

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Euph4ria's website looks great. Have they got a list of their next few gigs. I would love to come and have a listen. I couldn't find a link on the website!!

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