any percussion shops in yorkshire/north west

ive been on the t'internet most of the day looking for prices ov percussion and only found two. normans and band supplies, if anyone knows ov any shops/ bands selling tam tams, tubular bells etc..... could you let me know please.
theres always ebay if you're into that sort of thing... But graham johns at jam percussion's a fairly safe bet- he's based in liverpool.


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Scheerar's (sp!) in Leeds has a superb drum dept, and it's riddled with Brass men, Bob Blackburn and Glyn Kersley (manager), both reside there!!!!


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You could also look at Johnny Roadhouse on the Oxford Road in Manchester or further afield, Impact, Wembley Drum Centre and Footes in London, Tuned Percussion just outside Stevenage, Birmingham Drum Centre or I can reccomend the Northampton Drum Centre (speak to Russ or Brent). They also have a new shop in Leicester right next to the train station.

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