any one out there with a massive bass drum we could borrow?

hi i play for hebden bridge and i was wondering if anyone's band could loan us a massive bass drum till the finals please?


Hi Rick. We have a full concert size Bass drum at Pennine we may be able to lend you. I will have to check with the 'powers that be' but as long as someone could pick it up from our bandroom in Huddersfield I dont see why it would be a problem. Over the last few years since we started we have always been on the cadge, so I think its time to start helping others where its needed.
I'll let you know if its ok ASAP.
Cheers Mark


Thats the one Johnny! But the Imps sticker has now been removed thanks to my brilliant sticker removing skills. As I speak the drum is now on speeding its way towards Hebden Bridge bandroom.
thanxs mark and the rest ov the crew at pennine for letting us borrow the bass drum!!!! hopefully the 3rd section trophy is coming back to yorkshire but no promises!!! its gona be hard!!! atleast a 1st section performance to win!!! some verry good bands going!!! anyway thanxs again to pennine brass!!!!!! also the cd is brill!!!!


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