Sold/Expired Any old books??!!!


looking for any books about brass bands for my research !!

If you can help please send me a mail..

Richard Jones


Here's what's on my shelf;

20th.Century Brass Bands, Brand
British Bandsman Centenary,Hailstone
Brass Triumphant, Bainbridge
Brass Bands, Arthur Taylor
Play The Music, Boon (SA)
The Trumpet, Snell
Bands, Herbert (OU)
Rakeway Yearbooks, Snell
Brass Today, Wright
The Embouchure, Porter
Medals And Baton Be put on View, Livings
The Brass Band, Hind
Complete Bandmaster, Wright
Art of Brass Playing, Farkas
Tuba Family,Bevan
Trombone Technique, Wick

Try this link as well;


purchasing books...

I am looking to purchase a couple of them books, perhaps nearly all of them in time. When you say their on your shelf does that mean that your selling them ?
Probably sound very dim but my head is pounding this morning.

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