Any Mr Men experts out there?

I need to settle an arguement with the bloke sat opposite me...

Was Mr Impossible one of the original Mr Men and if so, how can I prove it?!

I distinctly remember Arthur Lowe narrating it on the TV cos, as far as I know, Mr Impossible was the only Mr Man with an American accent! I'm sure he was an original but my colleague thinks otherwise and won't accept any of my arguements :twisted:

How did I get onto this anyway :?


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There is a lot of info on

It lists 4 out of the first 6, written in 1971, as Mr Happy, Mr Bump, Mr Greedy and Mr Nosey, but doesn't say who the other two were.

As the TV series did not start until 1974, I think it is unlikely that Mr Impossible was among the first 6, but maybe someone else can help you further.


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Mission Successfully Accomplished - and all in 40 minutes, too - who needs International Rescue when you've got tMPers on the case :?: :wink: :lol:

Sorry we've had to go along with your colleague, though :oops:


If you mean is he one of the new characters then no, they've started creating new ones this year (including mr cool, mr rude and little miss whoops!), and apparently the tv show ran till 1985, so there was quite possibly an episode on Mr Impossible, although i can't remember it.

Anyone know who the other original was?

The Mr Men rule! :D


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For all your Mr Men needs (Courtesy of a small boy called George who tells me that Mr Bump is the best one).

1 - Mr Tickle
2 - Mr Greedy
3 - Mr Happy
4 - Mr Nosey
5 - Mr Sneeze
6 - Mr Bump
Written in 1971
7 - Mr Snow
8 - Mr Messy
9 - Mr Topsy-Turvy
10 - Mr Silly
11 - Mr Uppity
12 - Mr Small
13 - Mr Daydream
Written in 1972
14 - Mr Forgetful
15 - Mr Jelly (Mr Nervous for the American tMPers)
16 - Mr Noisy
17 - Mr Lazy
18 - Mr Funny
19 - Mr Mean
20 - Mr Chatterbox
21 - Mr Fussy
22 - Mr Bounce
23 - Mr Muddle
24 - Mr Dizzy
25 - Mr Impossible
26 - Mr Strong
Written in 1976
27 - Mr Grumpy
28 - Mr Clumsy
29 - Mr Quiet
30 - Mr Rush
31 - Mr Tall
32 - Mr Worry
33 - Mr Nonsense
34 - Mr Wrong
35 - Mr Skinny
36 - Mr Mischief
37 - Mr Clever
38 - Mr Busy
39 - Mr Slow
Written between 1976 and 1990
40 - Mr Brave
41 - Mr Grumble
42 - Mr Perfect
43 - Mr Cheerful
Written after 1990 and not by Roger Hargreaves

There have been some more that were published this year.


Wow Sam, I’m impressed!! :)
Just to finish off the list, the new ones are:
Mr Rude
Little Miss Whoops
Mr Cool
Mr Good
Little Miss Bad
Little Miss Scary
Mr Cheeky
All written by Roger Hargreaves’ son I think, except for Mr Cheeky which won a kids competition to create a new Mr Man
Well I'm really suprised that this link hasn't turned into a "which one are you". Actually it probably has in the form of some other link and I've just missed it - but just in case, which one are you?

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