Any ideas for music for school band?

Can anyone suggest any new music for my school brass band? We have a full band of about grade 1 to 3 standard. I have used all of the old classics like bandstand boogie , all the Francis Clifford stuff etc over the years and arranged my own stuff but we now need to refresh our repertoire. I'm looking for upbeat funky numbers that will get them going. Hopefully someone will know someone who is writing good new stuff.


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Our 'Springboard Series' is specifically designed for school bands.

Also our 'Junior Springboard Series' pieces for small beginner groups are easily expandable.

If you want to try something with a jazz/big band feel with your beginners our 'Little BIG Band' Series is scored in the same way and with the same flexibility as 'Junior Springboard'

If you want something upbeat might I specifically suggest 'Spy Theme' by Malcolm Knowles which has proved popular with school bands.

You can hear it here

and see the score here

SJS Music

well in my school band (of which about 80% of the players are grade 1-3 standard) we played things like "African Funk"(very upbeat, good fun), "Deep Harmony"(slow, hymn like, but lovely all the same) "Big Top"(circus medley, upbeat and fairly easy) "A little Prayer"(is also nice.. easy to play and provides contrast)

hope helped a bit!
Thanks everyone, lots of good ideas which i am looking into. I have just downloaded the Big Shiny brass book and it looks quite good.


try composer is a well known salvationist composer and conducter and whilst currently a headteacher, has a history in music teaching and the related band types rather than just brass bands as you might expect for a salvationist. He is also conductor for the Salvation Army Symphonic Wind Ensemble (of which I'm a member alongside others on this forum) and as well as writing for a great number of band types and vocal groups, writes music suitable for all levels of player from beginner to professional. There should be something for everybody- although the website could do with being up dated more often! *takes cover from overhead missiles*


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