Any bands in the Exeter area??


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ok basically, me and my twin bro are going down to exeter for my uncles birthday party, and were gonna stay down in exeter for a couple of days, then as we are both members of NCBBGB (me on percussion, him on trombone) on our way back up north we have to stay at bromsgrove for the NCBBGB course.

i was wondering if there are any bands in the exeter area that rehearse on a monday or tuesday that wouldnt mind having a percussionist and a trombonist invade their rehearsal.

(by the way i havent checked with my bro if he wants to do that yet, but im sure he wont mind)

EDIT: it helps if i say when im in exeter... ok im travelling to exeter on 24th july, and i go to bromsgrove on 28th july, so any1 who rehearses on the monday or tuesday and wouldnt mind, PM me or summat!

Naomi McFadyen

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I know we've dicussed this on the phone, but Lympstone are the closest band to Exeter... I'm sure you can find a website etc to get contact details of someone and an exact location where they rehearse... (and I *think* they rehearse on Tuesday....)
If not, I have a contact number I can pass to you of a good friend who plays with them so you can find out more details....



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ive found a website for them, but it doesnt have any info on where they rehearse or when, and it doesnt look like its been updated in the past 2 years (that was from looking at the "forthcoming events" page of their website.


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Lympstone Rehearsal

Lympstone practice monday nights 7.45 -9.45 Lympstone! not far from exeter at all.... come for a blow..


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There is a brass band in Exeter. They are a non-contesting band, but having been down to a number of rehearsals over the last 2 and a half years, I can't understand why.

If you're still looking, let me know and I'll get the contact details when I'm in Exeter at the start of next week.


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