Any Band In the Melton Mawbray Area


I am starting a new job with Barclays Bank and will be resident in the Melton Mawbray area for a while during the week.

I am looking for some light relief and would welcome a chance to help any bands who need some band training or conducting input during August / Sept.

Anyone interested in some help should e-mail me and I will happily send you a short cv. I am happy to do so for a pint or two.... waiving my normal fee, so please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from some friendly keen Midland banders. :D

Steve Tighe

Di B

Don't know if it is of any help, but there is a Melton Town Band (if its still going?) and there are quite a number of Leicester Bands too!

Think we may be a little too far away even to stop on for a pint (Matlock, of course!) and we are fine for a conductor.... however if you also play bass or even sop come down to the dales! :wink: :wink:

Hope you enjoy your time in the Midlands!



Sheeeeeeesssh that was a quick reply, but thanks anyway.

The last time I played soprano the cat died of shock!



soz to picky! :oops:
but it is melton mowbray!! :D :!: :!:
he he, there are several bands in and around leicester and nottingham (which is commutable!)

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