Any advice on new Bb Trombone?


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Hi all,

My ~18 year old student model bach trombone has finally packed in. Inconvenient time seeing as going to be hard to try out new 'bones given the ongoing c-word. Any advice would be much appreciated! I play 1st trombone in 3rd section brass band, but occasionally do wind orchestra as well.

My budget is in the £1,000 - £2,000 range, and I'm not interested in having a trigger (you get roped into playing bass part too easily with one of those!).

I've been looking at things like:
Yamaha YSL-630
Rath R100 (are these an 'avoid' given they're produced out in China and not custom?)
Bach TB200

Has anyone played one or more of these? Recommend/avoid? Would you recommend anything else?
Also if anyone has knows of any UK suppliers who may be happy to let me try one or two of these and buy/return given that show rooms aren't open atm, that would also be incredibly helpful!

All help is much appreciated!


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Selecting an instrument in the price range you indicate isn’t something I’d want to leave to chance, you really need to play them and for say an hour or so, ideally swopping between instruments too. In theory items bought by mail order can be returned for a refund, within a certain time period. However that all gets messy and expensive and so it is best avoided.

In your position I’d either give up playing for a month or so or find a way to borrow an instrument from a friend or out of the Band’s store (get it shipped or find a way to locally collect that doesn’t flout the current restrictions).

With regard to a straight Trombone or one with a Trigger both variants have pluses and minuses. For the type of money that you’re spending a better financial investment would likely be a trigger Trombone. Whilst I don’t like the extra weight of the valve and f section and prefer the smoother air flow of a straight Trombone a trigger gives a lot of flexibility and can ease the playing of some pieces. If I still played Trombone, wanted new and had the money then I’d be looking at a Yamaha YSL446.
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Firstly do you want small medium or large bore? Looking at the type of ensembles either a medium .525 or large bore .547 would suit but personal preference is the thing

Of those listed the Yamaha 630 at .525 would be good, although I would look more to a used pro level horn like a Bach 36 easily found within your price range, the R100 are good instruments but .500 so more suited for pop/big band than brass band but dont get hung up on the Chinese made thing, Mick Rath does not put his name to inferior instruments, they are put together like any other non modular horn to suit the most players

The tb200 is just a student model .500 and after your time playing you would want to treat yourself to something better I am guessing

You get into large bore such as conn 8/88h they can be bought with dual bore .525/547 slides althouthere that is not common, King 4b much underrated and fell out of favour as seen as bright but ideal for flexibility or Bach 42and a whole other amount of .547 from Yamaha, Holton etc

My rule of thumb is 2nd hand pro trumps new intermediate (in most cases)

So the question is what size horn do you want to play?

If you want any help/ questions then drop me a pm and we can chat
My ~18 year old student model bach trombone has finally packed in.
What's wrong with it? Could it be repaired? If you could clean it and drop it off at a repairer, then collect it when fixed, you'd get it back sooner than lockdown will lift and still have most of your money left to buy an upgrade when lockdown finally lifts.


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I think you have a decent budget and it’s your money not ours, so take any advice you get here (including mine) lightiy.
When the lockdown is over, find a reputable instrument dealer, tell them your budget and try them, and if you find one you like (and don’t worry about the brand) negotiate the price and then, without looking back, enjoy it
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The other thing ( a silver lining if you like ) is that with a couple of months lockdown your budget could increase by a few hundred pounds and there will be some good deals to be had, giving you much more choice