Any 606 rebels

Rebel Tuba

Any 606 rebels on this site please. Just would like to know if the rebels get around??????

Rebel 8)

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and there I was thinking it was something to do with the "Now and Next" listings on BBC ceefax...
2nd man down said:
M606 perhaps? Chainbar roundabout to Bradford excuse for a motorway???

I was just thinking about that.
Great motorway, travel down it twice a week on my way the band.

Suppose I coul be classed as a 606 rebel if I was to go through the speed camera at over 50 mph


Dave Payn

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Straightmute said:
Let's see Leeds in the First Division and Wigan Athletic in the Premiership!


Not beyond the realms of possibility. I don't care who gets promoted from Division 1 so long as it's not Millwall!

Dave Payn

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Chunky said:
Dave Payn said:
I don't care who gets promoted from Division 1 /quote]

I Do! :wink:

Well yes, I did admit a while back that it would be nice to see the canaries perched on the top rung!

Just so long as Millwall don't go up. Reminds me of a gag. I've had to change the 'protagonists' somewhat.

What do you get if you cross a door-to-door salesman with a Millwall supporter?
Someone who knocks on your door and then tells you to **** off!

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