Another teaching query

Hi guys, just wondering if any primary school reception teachers (or anyone who knows about this) could possibly help me at all.

I am currently applying for a teaching assistant job and need to familiarise myself with the Foundation Stage Curriculum and also the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies.

I wondered if anyone knows of any good sites online which offer any information, help or advise etc, with regards to the above?

Cheers ears!! :biggrin:


Foundation Stage

There's a DVD that the Dfes will send you free called Seeing The Foundation Stage Profile. This is good and saves you reading a lot of stuff that might not make sense straight away. Think you can find it from or teachernet.


How about going straight to a primary school (perhaps one where you attended) and ask if you can sit in with the age group of your choice for an afternoon and ask the teacher for some advice!

A school should have these documents handy - or contact any primary teachers direct, enough brass banders are teachers in this area!

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