Another take on the plight of Leeds United


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lynchie said:
johnflugel said:
back to the days of Gullitt and Dalglish....

or keegan even...

Wash your mouths out with soap the pair of yous!!

Firstly, while question have to be asked on Tyneside, I can't see that there's "sticky times" ahead. I wasn't at the Wolves game but would never partake in any Booing of a Newcastle player or the team finishing 5th.... However, you have to remember that in August last year we'd finished strongly in 3rd and were looking to overcome some 2nd rate European side to get into the Champions League proper... the future was rosy... fast forward on 8 or so months and the Champions League never materialised, we went out of the League Cup 1st match cos we played our reserves, had a lacklustre premiership season (2 away wins all season) and a modest FA CUp run, only the UEFA Cup gave us any chanceof finishing the season on a high. 5th place in itself is NOT a bad position, however the fans cannot help but wonder why, with no new faces of note being brought in, how we have taken such a step backwards from a promising situation......

Shearer retiring is a big worry. Shola for all his promise is never gonna be a Shearer... If it were up to me, I heard there was a useful lad down at leeds who was probably available at a knockdown price, and I don't mean Milner or Viduka... however it appears that despite his "I love the club" spiel, he sees fit to sign for quite arguably Leeds' greatest rivals. Now that has got to hurt!!

Ruud Gullit was quite simply mad, Dalgish isn't often given enough credit.. yes selling Big Les was ridiculous, but he did reinstate the reserves and develop the academy. Sir Bobby, bless him isn't always on the same planet as the rest of us, calls the fans "muppets" and Keiron Dyer - Kevin Dyer but all in all he's done a canny job and more relevantly there's no-one better to replace him at present (unless Mr Ranieri is interested...)

As for KK, people don't give him credit for his early successes on a very small budget - saving the club from Div 2 with the deadline day signing of Killer Kilcline, winning Div 1 having spent wisely (and telling Rob Lee that Newcastle was closer to London than Middlesborough was!!). Yes he gave us a whirlwind ride, no we didn't win owt, yes he crippled the academy and reserves by scrapping them, but hey, he took us from Div 1 obscurity to almost Premiership champions in less than 5 years!! What legend.

All in all, crucially, Newcastle are currently financially stable. There is no crisis. With a bit of discipline and a bit co-operation within the team, we can come out fighting next year. People must remember with out 1st 11 fit and playing as a team we can beat anyone... We just need to pick up our away form. As far as I'm concerned, the future is still rosy, just a little less rosy than it was this time last year!!

And as for the accusation of only singing when we're winning, you should have been at the Marseille home game ---- i can't remember us winning that one, but my god did St James (and especially the Gallowgate) rock for 90 minutes!!!!

Rant over!!!

Lets all laugh at Leeds in a Sunderland stylee!!


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I agree about KK - he left the Newcastle club in a good state. He has been the extremes of very bad and very good since then.

I am not really that surprised about Alan the end of the day he is a professional and if Everton, Middleborough and Man Utd came along...who would you choose? Especially is if Man Utd want him, they will outbid anyone to get him. I think anyone who could never see him going to Man Utd was naive. There is no question that he is a Leeds lad, but if his best career move was to go to their nearest rivals, I know I would do it! I don't think he will do himself any favours with the leeds fans...but what does it is a very very fickle game.

Think Newcastle should come in with Big offer for Smith, he would be ideal to take on Shearers role - then you just need to get a long term manager in place.

In a sick kind of way, I am almost looking forward to Leeds in divison one. Obviously I would much prefer the premier but any leeds fan will tell you, the place needs blasting out from top to bottom and I think relegation will make sure that happens. Who knows? It will go two ways: i) Quick promotion with great young team ii)Garbage led by Michael Duberry as captain and doing a Sheffield Wednesday :lol:

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I hope for Leeds' sake they don't turn into another Sheffield Wednesday or Bradford City.
Unfortunately they have just been screwed over totally by the board. From semi finals of the Champions League to life in Division 1 will be hard to bounce back from. But there's some good young talent at the club.

Is young Milner sticking around?

Least now you get rid of that useless waste of space that was Mark Viduka! :lol: