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James McFadyen

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On October 20th, Devilish Publishing will be releasing a new product!!!!!

"To the Heavens of Fire and Water" is a Brass Band version of my church anthem, "God in Heaven and Earth" originally written for SATB choir. It has also be scored in a way which can be performed along side the choral version, so that you can have a choir (or even just part of a choir, or a soloist, whatever you like) and the Brass Band can play along. I am planning to 'put up' the choral version on the Devilish Publishing website which can be played online via Scorch. This should be up and running during the weekend.

The price for this lovely original hymn is £30.00 GBP, but as always at Devilish Publishing, your needs come first so, if you order before midnight October 19th, you'll get it for £15.00 GBP, if you order it between 12:01am 20th October - Midnight 25th October, you'll get it for £22.00 GBP.

This offer does not apply to retailers who wish to stock this title, all retailers should pay £22.50..........see website for more details!!!

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