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Has anybody played this, as I'm thinking of getting a hold of it, what is the difficulty of the parts?

Saw/Heard Grimey play it at Blackpool a few years ago, was excellent

Big Fella

Seen Grimey do it a few times, few good, and very funny..

Not sure if it's available in print though. I thought it was one of those pieces that Sandy does for Grimey, that the rest of civilisation never ever get the chance to see, or play..

Could be wrong though.....


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If you're talking about the Euphonium duet - it is in print. Arranged by Sandy Smith. You can get it HERE.

Friary Guildford did it at the entertainments contest this year.

Not being a euphonium player can't say for certain regarding the difficulty of the parts but it looked and sounded playable by most grades.

Perhaps Alex (Accidental) could give you more details.

Hope this helps.


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OOOOoooooooooo that piece! :p

We saw Grimey do that at Demontfort hall, is hilarious!

Gotta be done with the comedy! :wink:

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